Sigmatech can craft a custom-tailored arrangement to suit your business’ requirements, including any of the following:

  • Remote monitoring & management
  • In-house monitoring & management
  • Level 1 helpdesk
  • Level 2 helpdesk
  • On-site technician on-demand
  • On-site technician part-time
  • On-site technician full-time
  • Case-by-case project support & management (rollouts, upgrades, etc)
  • Regular reviews and quality control of in-house staff

The expected improvements as a result of Sigmatech’s involvement in your IT department are:

  • Streamlined processing of incoming jobs and better use of level 1 technicians
  • More efficient use of senior technician time
  • More satisfied & productive end-users.
  • Increased transparency of IT department thanks to quantitative reporting
  • Reduced risks associated with staff gaps (sickness, leave, burnout, etc)
  • Drastic workflow improvements thanks to Sigmatech’s tried and tested methods

Sigmatech’s helpdesk outsourcing can fill the gaps in your IT department and ensure that your business is adequately supported. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation.