Hosted Office Infrastructure

Sigmatech’s Hosted IT Infrastructure offering replaces the traditional concept of business servers and workstations.  It does so by migrating your infrastructure to Sigmatech’s Australian cloud, from where it is provided as a managed service, rather than through onsite equipment.  Workstations are replaced with “thin clients”  and server and NAS devices are no longer needed at site.

This brings countless benefits, including…

  • Removes the need for IT infrastructure refresh cycles (typically every 3 years)
  • Lower capital expenditure, with minimal setup costs
  • Less equipment on-site, reducing the risk of failures, theft, fire, flood, etc
  • Low per-workstation cost, making spares more practical
  • Quick and easy scaling up and down of infrastructure to align with changing requirements – easily add branch offices or new staff at low cost.
  • Worry-free managed infrastructure means more time to focus on your business
  • Automatic backups
  • Disaster recovery solution included as a component
  • Quickly and easily work from home or on-the-go via laptop, iPad or other devices.

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