Sigmatech provides experienced IT technicians to resolve your IT issues fast and get your business moving again. We have extensive experience working with businesses from a wide range of areas including:

Why choose us?

Qualified and experienced

All of our technicians are Certified Microsoft Systems Administrators, which qualifies them to work with enterprise networks, servers, and software. This is backed by a minimum of three years experience working in IT support, and further supported by Sigmatech’s tried-and-tested systems deployment guidelines and documentation.

We take ownership

Our technicians will take care of the entire support process, from start to finish, to ensure your issue is solved. We’ll liaise with service providers or software developers and ‘talk tech’ to ensure no time is wasted in translation.

Quality control

Our technicians don’t mark a problem as solved until they’ve tested it themselves. This ensures nothing is missed along the way, and that you get a smooth and predictable IT experience.

Sound advice

To make good decisions, we believe you need the whole story. Sigmatech’s technicians are able to explain complex technical subjects in an easy to understand fashion, meaning you can make an informed decision on your IT systems.