Sigmatech can monitor the health and performance of your network remotely from our network operations centre. Overall this offers greatly improved visibility of your IT systems and network, and offers an insight ‘under the hood’ of your business assets.

The benefits of remote monitoring include:

  • Technicians can resolve problems proactively – before they affect staff.
  • Gain peace of mind that your systems are healthy thanks to excellent reporting.
  • Asset management – keep warranties current and take control of your hardware.
  • Software compliance – audit your systems and ensure software licenses are valid.
  • Plan for IT expenditure – trending analysis allows a glimpse into the future of your business’ requirements over the next months and years.

Additionally, when IT problems do occur, they are often resolved more quickly thanks to the additional information provided by systems monitoring data.

Specifically, the items included in our remote monitoring offering include:

  • Monthly IT systems report.
  • Monthly IT technician report review.
  • Hardware health monitoring.
  • Software health monitoring.
  • Load & Capacity monitoring.
  • Warranty monitoring
  • Regular monthly maintenance.
  • Monthly trending analysis.
  • Guaranteed response times for alerts.
  • 24 hour monitoring with alerts processed during business hours.
  • Optional 24-hour alert processing.

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