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When it comes to dealing with software companies or service providers, often the technical jargon is enough to give you a headache! Don’t stress, Sigmatech is here to help …

We believe in taking ownership of IT problems – that’s why we’re happy to take over the entire support process, including contacting software or hardware manufacturers on your behalf.

For example …

1 – Your company encounters a problem with it’s financial software, which has been customized to work with your company.

2 – One of our technicians investigates and finds that the problem appears to be with the software.

3 – Rather than simply handing the problem back to you, we will contact the financial software manufacturer on your behalf to get the issue resolved.

How it helps

  • Problems are resolved faster, as our technicians can speak tech with the software manufacturers, and explain the problem quicker.
  • Your staff are less stressed by not having to deal with an external support technician who may ask technical questions that they can’t answer.
  • Your staff can move on with other work while the IT problem is resolved by our technicians.
  • If the problem turns out to be something other than the software (like a hardware or network issue) our technicians are in a position to act to resolve it.

In conclusion…

We believe that this method will save you time, money and stress. Contact us today to learn more about our unique approach to IT services.


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