Totalcare Support offers unlimited on-site and remote IT support for a flat monthly rate.

This shifts the paradigm of IT support to a more positive model, with the following benefits:

  • Eliminates the ‘value-test’ of IT support – managers no longer have to weigh the cost of IT support against the benefit of fixing a problem. This reduces the chances that staff will ‘put up’ with a problem due to the cost of IT support.
  • Staff no longer need approval from management and can get immediate IT support for any issue, meaning happier staff and improved productivity.
  • Less load on management investigating & approving IT support requests.
  • Guaranteed response times mean you aren’t stuck waiting in a queue for IT support.
  • Businesses can plan for IT expenditure – no more ‘surprise’ bills.
  • No more ‘clock-watching’ – IT technicians aren’t pressured to rush through jobs, resulting in higher quality work, and better attention to detail.
  • Your servers and systems are maintained to the highest quality by our experts.

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