Sigmatech can provide a ground-up solution for your business – our internet and telephone options mean reliable service with excellent quality at an affordable price.

You can depend on us

Sigmatech maintains fully redundant connectivity to multiple major carriers, ensuring the shortest route and lowest latency to any destination across the country. Our major connectivity providers consist of:

  • Pacific Internet (Telstra, Optus, MCI, SingTel and AsiaNetComm)
  • Uecomm (Uecomm, AAPT and Optus)
  • NextGen (Optus, Soul)
  • Pipe IX (QLD Peering & Interconnects)

Our internal networking hardware is also fully redundant and includes:

  • 99.99% Service Level Agreement
  • 24×7 network monitoring and oncall support
  • N+1 architecture means there’s always “two of everything”

Our service reliability was put to the test during the floods across the East Coast of Australia in 2011. We had zero downtime throughout the entire crisis and kept all of our customers online by diverting their calls for them while they couldn’t reach their offices.

Premium services

Gone are the days of scratchy sound and call dropouts – Sigmatech maintains one of the highest quality voice networks in the country. Phonecalls will sound at least the same, if not better than a call made over a traditional PBX.

  • Australia’s highest VoIP call quality
  • Premium connectivity ensures no packet loss and extremely low jitter
  • Hardware echo cancellation and audio processing
  • Direct connections (Private-IP) available for “internet free” VoIP

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Alternatively, you can contact us for a free consultation to determine which options would suit your business.