Networks Tailored to Your Business

We eliminate communication problems and deliver superior
value for money via a cost-effective network solutions.

Fast and Reliable Business Internet

Connect your business to our NBN PLUS service for guaranteed reliability and fast internet speeds. We provide purpose-built network solutions to give you more control and less downtime.

Guaranteed Service Level Agreement

Reliability is essential, so we guarantee that our NBN PLUS service will be online when you need it – or your money back.

Guaranteed Contention Rate

Many suppliers over-sell their available bandwidth, resulting in unreliable and slow performance during peak times. Our contention rate guarantee ensures you won’t be stuck in the slow lane.

Business-Grade Hardware

Tried-and-tested business-grade hardware for optimal performance. Sigmatech routers & modems also provide us with advanced diagnostics to make troubleshooting quicker.

Expert Local IT Support

Don’t wait on hold with the big Telcos, our Brisbane-based support team are on call 24×7 to ensure your networking is performing at its best.

Australian Support and Service Management

Our Brisbane-based support team provides technical support and service management to ensure reliable, fast internet access for your business.

Priority Business-Grade Carrier Support

Sigmatech has priority support channels with NBNco in the event of a fault which is outside of our network, such as street-level physical faults with cabling or hardware.

Wireless Internet Backup

Automatically and instantly switch all your business functions to our backup wireless connection in the event of an outage, or quickly set up a branch office with no contracts.

More than just Business Grade Internet

Technical Support

Trusted, experienced and caring technicians who love solving problems. Your dream IT team is just a call away.

Digital Phone PBX & Fax

Easy to use, feature-rich and location independent. Say ‘goodbye’ to Telstra.

IT for Law Firms

Proactive support and peace of mind for law firms.

Cloud Solutions

Our Australian cloud lets you work from anywhere and quickly scale up or down. Certified reliability, maximum performance.

Complete IT Infrastructure Support
With Totalcare

IT is holistic – you can’t simply provide IT support; you have to take ownership of the entire environment if you want to deliver a great outcome. Since we provide all aspects of a company’s IT infrastructure, we can deliver better quality of service, better customer service, and deliver complex solutions that our competitors can’t.

With our affordable and flexible Totalcare IT support package, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a dedicated and experienced team of IT professionals are keeping your systems running like clockwork.

  • Single Point of Contact

    Improve quality control with a single point of contact for all aspects of your IT infrastructure.

  • Money-back Guarantee

    If we make a mistake, we’ll fix it at no charge and give you a rebate.

  • Proactive Systems Maintenance

    Our knowledgebase allows us to resolve issues faster and rectify potential problems before they interrupt your business operations.

  • Fixed-Cost Support

    Take advantage of our flat monthly rates for unlimited remote and on-site IT support.

  • No Lock-in Contracts

    Flexible month to month service packages.

  • Guaranteed Support Times

    With a dedicated client success manager, you are guaranteed fast and effective support.